Music Monday: When Life Hands You Lemon(grass)

Beach LemonadeF*** making lemonade. Make good art.

We still have a few more weeks of summer weather. So lemonade would be all right, I suppose. But whatever you do with your life’s lemons, why not just take a moment to relax and enjoy the weather while we’ve got it? It won’t be too long before we’re all going to be shutting ourselves in and gathering around the fire.

Personally, I hate the cold. So, here’s my beach vacation for all of us!

No crazy music videos this time—just nice, relaxing music. “Maison a la Mer” (House by the Sea, if my insultingly poor French is correct), is a hip little downtempo electronic tune that lumbers in with its own ambiance of rolling waves. No Rainymood for this one…unless you like chilling by the pool (or ocean, for you coastal folks who I’m not jealous of in any way, shape or form) in the middle of a nice, summer rain.

At around 0:53, a climbing piano/xylophone scale introduces the closest thing we have to a “verse.” It starts to sound almost like video game music at this point—as though someone set a Castlevania game on a beach paradise, perhaps. Even without words, the melody appears to have an idea that it’s trying to get across. I can’t figure out what it is; at times it seems to be recalling a memory, at others it appears to be making a sad statement or some philosophical truth expressed in three lines, reiterated. If you can figure it out, by all means, let me know.

What I can tell you that it isn’t, though, is a recipe for lemonade.


Photo: Darwin Bell/Flickr


One response to “Music Monday: When Life Hands You Lemon(grass)

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