Music Monday: The Song of a Dying Star

SupernovaThe universe is so freaking awesome it literally cannot be contained. This Music Monday is an homage to the universe—specifically, the dying star now visible in our night sky.

The light of a dying star recently arrived to Earth, reminding me of the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had with a video game. It came from a little-known title called Child of Eden.

Part of this experience is largely due to the music of Genki Rockets.

Child of Eden has no crazy plot twists. You go into archived memories and cleanse corrupted chunks of them: you’re basically this dead girl’s anti-virus software. Every time you cleanse a piece of corruption, you’re rewarded with a musical tone. It’s believed—though not confirmed—that the better you respond to the challenges in an archive, the more the music itself will respond by adding more tracks as the level progresses.

The result is absolutely stunning.

If you have the time, watch the whole video. What you’re likely to experience is a mixture of catharsis and synesthesia. This goes straight back to the core of games—push button at right time, receive confirmation noise. In short, this is the most raw evolution of gaming.

The rising action that starts at 5:00 keeps egging the player farther and farther on, and when it culminates at about 7:28 in the linked video, the resolution of the upwards modulation makes my hair stand on end, even just listening. That a giant space phoenix erupts from the violin chords in all its glory is just a proclamation of the indomitable awesomeness of the universe. If “Om” is the sound of this universe, then this is the sensual equivalent to a blood-burning battle cry in the chord of C Major.

While I was warming up to teach a yoga class, the base track for this stage came on—it led to one of the most playful improvised flows I’d ever gone through. I encourage you to make it a part of your playlist.

Because this, truly, is the beauty and glory of a dying star expressed in music.



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