Music Monday: These Wishes are Horses

Wish HereOr, how to love watching people love what they do

The transition into fall often brings either a) lethargy, as the colder weather leads us to wishing we had our own natural hibernation cycles, or b) frenetic energy, as we stare the coming winter in the face with the back of our head screaming, “But there’s still so much left to do!

Wherever you are, I think you’ll enjoy this little tune from an artist by the name of Nick Bertke, alias Pogo, which was released recently (and the first time many of us, myself included, have seen him live).

The first Pogo track I ever heard was the original “Wishery,” a rehash and rearrangement of sounds found in Disney’s Snow White. I’m happy to see that Pogo increased the BPM (beats per minute) while keeping the essence of the track, as the increased tempo increases the contrast with some of my other favorites of Pogo’s, the much more mellow “Alice” and the generically wonderful (and my personal favorite) “Bloom,” also taken from sound samples of Disney films.

Like virtually every Statesman, I grew up on Disney cartoons, so to see someone take something so nostalgic and give it a little dustup and reintroduce it to the world…well, it could have gone so poorly. But here, it didn’t! Pogo’s creations are alchemical wonders, transforming the useful lead of the existing stories into the gold of these shiny beats. Pogo does other movies/TV as well, everything from Pokemon to Lord of the Rings, but it’s usually his Disney stuff that I enjoy the most. He’s banned in the US, so if you want to support him (and I recommend you do), here’s a link to his iTunes page.

What I love most about this track in particular is the absolute joy that Pogo expresses in his work; watching him, you can’t help but smile. So, feel free to bop along; it’s not like anyone’s watching—and if they are, bop anyways; think about it—if everyone danced along with someone else, then it wouldn’t be long before we had the whole world dancing. So, Pogo, thanks for giving us all a reason to dance.

If these wishes be horses, let all of us ride.
If these swords be turnips, carry some by your side.
If songs are led by pots and pans,
Then you might just be in Wonderland.


Photo: Matt Erasmus/Flickr


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