Music Monday: Getting the Mundane Done…Like a Boss

Warmachine“Now that you have obtained Enlightenment, what shall you do?”
“Well, dinner sounds good, for starters.”

There are a number of times that I find myself wishing I could just go out and fight dragons and save the world and stuff. However, the tasks we normally find facing us are woefully mundane, and so we put them off for far too long. I’m talking about things like…cleaning my desk, or, you know, laundry. However, I found a way to get around that, to do something utterly menial whilst feeling like I’m in a life-or-death duel with Darth Maul.

The key? Really epic music.

I don’t normally advocate musical supplements for emotion, but when it inspires action, sometimes I have to wonder if all illusions are inherently bad. Yes, I’d love to eventually get to a point where doing the dishes doesn’t need to feel like saving the world, but for now, I’m just happy to have had it done.

“RX-0” is from the Gundam Unicorn soundtrack, a recent installment of an anime series dating back to…I think when I was born, which means if you’ve never heard of it, you probably won’t know anything about it (hell, I know about Gundam, but I honestly have no idea what’s going on). But you don’t need a sci-fi history lesson to be able to tell that this has all the characteristics of a modern pump-up anthem: the string intro gives way to a big band tuba line, echoed by the trumpets for nearly half a minute before launching into an anthem that has all the kickass flair of the high school football state finals.

There’s a short, quieter section in the middle, which only seems to serve as a conversational counterpoint to what I can only imagine must have, in execution, underscored any number of philosophical battle-quotes being volleyed as much as (if not more than) the missiles and lasers from giant robot suits, which somehow remains within the suspension of disbelief when it’s done in Japanese—because if John McClane was ever heard shouting something like, “WE WHO FIGHT IN WAR CARRY ON THE SINS OF OUR PARENTS IN AN INESCAPABLE STRUGGLE AGAINST OUR OWN DESTINY,” whilst gunning down hordes of faceless mooks (still with glass in his feet), I feel like we in the States would question our sanity.

When I listen to this, though, I don’t get a head full of philosophical talking points. When that fanfare fires up, all I know is I’m about to f%$&ing DESTROY this laundry.

And by that, I mean fold it up neatly and put it away.


Photo: Epic Wallpapers/Flickr