Music Monday: Controlled Burn


The furnace vs. the inferno.


When we’re young, we have this fantasy that the best way to stay warm is to stay near the fire. As we get older, we learn (over and over again) that to combat cold, stagnancy and that “stuck” feeling, we have to move. This makes a certain amount of sense: warmer molecules move faster and farther—the H2O molecules of steam take up more space (volume) than the H2O of either ice or liquid water. What we sometimes forget is that this is not a cause-and-effect: hotter things move faster, and things that move faster get warmer.

With the cloak of winter is being thrown over us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s incredibly tempting to curl up by the fire and leech warmth from the world around us. However, that is a bottomless pit…so instead, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite slow-burn vinyasa songs:

“Here and Now” is too slow to be a truly fiery song, yet it’s not the whimsical airy flow of, say, the Flower OST or music by Georg Deuter—both absolutely wonderful sources of music, but tend to make practices really inward, or even sleepy. This is okay when one is sitting by the campfire…but we’re here to move, and when you need to move, you need a rhythm line like the one in “Here and Now.”

The electric guitar helps, too. Don’t let the harp sample fool you—that warbling melody that floats in and out more than makes up for the lack of lyrics in the instrumental version. But this isn’t the kind of fire that sends people rocketing to the moon, oh no. We’re sticking around the lower three chakras for this—the furnace over the boiler, the embers over the inferno.

That’s what I love about “Here and Now:” it’s great for both summer and winter; yes, the guitar line dances like a candle flame, but in summer when the heat is on, it’s great to practice restriction and cool down, while in winter we need to keep our inner fires well-stoked. It’s like yoga; a balance, a controlled burn. If yoga was about building as much fire as possible (which sometimes it sounds like in some classes), we’d flash-fire all of our incense.

And then the whole world would smell of Nag Champa and sage for a day.


Photo: RVWithTito/Flickr


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