Music Monday: Holiday Edition!

Blurred Christmas Lights

I hope you’re not tired of holiday music yet!

I actually don’t like Christmas/Holiday music, by and large. I blame working a few holiday seasons in retail, where from the week of Thanksgiving until Dec. 26, one is saturated with insistence that it’s cold outside, that Santa Claus is—in fact—on his way, and that I should get underneath a Christmas tree like it was an earthquake drill.

There exists one decidedly, even unabashedly Christmas song that I can get behind, however.

I honestly cannot tell you why I like love this song all year ’round, when I was being kind about my aversion to holiday music, above. Is it the storytelling element, introduced by the sounds of war and a German choir to set the tone before the drum march fires up? Is it the anthemic chorus with its fluttering trumpet? Is it the original badass, Snoopy?

Perhaps it’s all of these things. No glottal fry, no materialistic subtext, no advertisement other than, “War is bad.” This isn’t an intellectual enjoyment—that victorious chorus has timeless chords of joy that are experienced physically. This song actually makes me happy.

And if you love Holiday music, power to you; it’s bar none the happiest super-genre of music, and I will never hold that against anyone. So whatever you’re listening to, be it the classics, the oldies, Top 40 or 24/7 Holiday tunes, absolutely, Happy Holidays, wherever you find yourself.


Photo: dominicotine/Flickr


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