Music Monday: Hold On

Hold on

Music for the tough days.


A number of people have expressed to me recently difficulties in the past few weeks, ranging from road troubles due to increment weather, drought or work woes to waves of apathy preventing anything from getting done (yes, I admit it, I’m guilty, too!).

I know I’m not alone in thinking this winter shall never end!

The music of Even Johansen, styled Magnet, often explores juxtapositions: the tune of a love song that, when one examines the lyrics, turns out to be about disinterest, and similar circumstances. Here, however, we have a rather straightforward, nearly Beatles-esque psychedelic soundtrack to a hopeful message, amidst an interplay between verse, chorus and bridge, with the chorus leaping out of the dreary verses like spring flowers exploding from their beds of snow.

It’ll happen. I promise you.

Whether you’re a near miss or in the midst of a world-shaking catastrophe, consider this: you’ve made it this far. That stuff back there, the wrecks and the heartbreaks, every failed attempt and every wax wing behind you didn’t stop you. You’re here.

So hold on, just a little bit longer. The flowers are on their way.


Photo: katerha/Flickr