Music Monday: Day One

August Snow Melt

Here we go again!

I cannot tell you how long I’ve waited for this; I’ve all but counted the snowflakes (and my, have there been many this year!), and now we’re beginning to see the temperatures warm. I spent the day previous in a darling café in the gaslight district of Cincinnati after watching a movie in the little indie cinema that absolutely every city should have. As I sipped my lemongrass vanilla tea with a close friend beside me, our conversation was interrupted at regular inverals by long bouts of silence as we just watched the people, half of whom were still bundled up in their layers and others trying to remind the world what arms and calves look like.

So here we are again, we decided. Day one. And what a perfect tune for the occasion.

Explosions in the Sky is the bar-setting post-rock group. They are perhaps most known for doing nearly the entire soundtrack to the movie Friday Night Lights, which is to this day the only sports movie I can stomach (largely due to them, though I had not heard of them at the time I first saw it).

Are there “better” Explosions in the Sky tracks? Yes, I would say, but dealing with Explosions in the Sky isn’t like bopping down the street with the Top 40 blaring out your stereo so you can try to imagine you’re on stage with Katy Perry. This is musical storytelling, and the xylophone and sleigh bells set the scene of a melting coat of winter. These aren’t club hits; they’re more like family photo albums. Here’s you, taking your first steps (remember that awful haircut?). Here’s the day we dressed up as superheroes and with our blanket capes saved the town. Here’s when the boys went off to serve…do you remember?

Do you remember? it asks.

In “The Rescue,” the narrative guitar iconic of the band’s sound seems to be trying to say something, but all it does is melt more and more snow. It’s a stark contrast to the percussion, as the sun can be through naked branches. But for us in the Midwest, that blinding light refracted through clouds and branches is a lifeline out of the cold winter. It really feels like a rescue, and it couldn’t come too soon.

So I hope you’re ready, because here comes your rescue! Here comes your lifeline!

Take it, and go!


Photo: jurvetson/Flickr