Music Monday: Planets


Why it’s okay to feel cold, or alone.


I loathe the cold. I keep telling myself that if I act like Spring is here, eventually the world will catch up. This is arguably the same fallacy as the guys who walk around with signs saying, “The End is Nigh!” They’re not wrong per se, but what’s the point of focusing on the answers at the back of the book—that’s skipping all of the good chapters. Sure, the world will eventually end, but it’s not like the sign-toters will be there smugly saying, “I told you so.” We’ll all be dust, so what’s the point of smugness? Spring will come, but waiting and longing for time to pass is a fruitless endeavor.

So let’s enjoy the ride…the chilly, wintery, gloomy ride, for what it is. To that end, here’s some Kate Rusby.

The first time I heard Kate’s music was on my way to work, when I was working out of town and staying at a hotel during the week. The song was “John Barbury,” which is still one of my favorites, but my love for Kate’s tale of love and responsibility was eclipsed by her stargazy wax poetry in “Planets.” When I hear this song, it just makes me want to observe; people watch, stargaze, go bird-seeing. Plucky banjos have a way of doing that, I suppose.

But what I most remember, back then, all I could think was “anyplace but here. Just let me be anyplace but here.” I’m not going to say that this song changed all of that, but it helped me find the beauty in a bad situation, and appreciate the times I was out of it more. It helped me cope and made my little hotel room feel a little more like a home.

Yoga isn’t about running away. It’s not about putting on your Serenity Face and fooling everyone into thinking you’re a zen master because you’ve buried all your misery in the backyard; it’s about sitting with that misery. It’s not about being right, like the guys with the signs, either. It’s about being cold, or lonely, and being honest about it. Yoga is about sitting with your cold, whatever that is for you. It’s about coping. So if you’re just done with the weather (or whatever unpleasant situation you’re in), this music will help. It helped me. Consider it my gift. …from Kate.


Photo: Ozrix/Flickr