Music Monday: Music For Long Evenings


Oh the times, they are a…well, they done changed already.

A side effect of longer days is the fever pitch to get things done. Chances are, you’re about to be nailed by a furious need to clean everything.

It’s okay. Just roll with it. This will help.

It’s virtually impossible to not cross paths with this song for those who have used a few of the right artists from Music Monday as seed artists for Pandora (or similar engines). Emancipator was part of the revolutionary mid-aught trip hop shift, where EDM (that’s electronica, for us who’ve been in the whole “techno” scene since the 90’s) fractured and went in different directions: dubstep for the club scene and a new kind of heavy ambient for something that’s neither easy listening or dance.

“Wolf Drawn” hails from the 2006 album Soon It Will Be Cold Enough. The album is littered with sound clips used as instrumentals, drifting around like memories in the rubble. This track notably lacks any discernible words with its vocal samples, and as such may be easier to ease into the genre if you haven’t already. Once the rhythm kicks in, roughly 25 seconds in, the emotion is a determined one, driven but collected. I think that’s why it helps with getting stuff done.

What I love about this style of music is that it’s great to just throw on in the background and do just about anything: yoga, cleaning, writing…though the music has merit once we sit down and listen to it, it appears to be designed to be a soundtrack—to amplify the user’s experience rather than steal attention and force the listener to pay attention. That’s why it’s so easy to miss. That’s also why it’s so hard to pin down just what exactly draws me to this music. All I can tell you is that, for years now, spring has brought with it Emancipator on my Pandora, and so it shall be again; thus, all is now right in the world.

I hope you enjoy!


Photo: Kiran Foster/Flickr