Music Monday: Moon


Big distance, deep thoughts.

If I had a super power, it would be invisibility. As much as I want it to be flight, realistically speaking, I have that Batman-esque power to just vanish when people aren’t looking. So when I say I’ve been planning a trip—multiple, actually—chances are that if I follow through, it’ll be unannounced and without pomp and circumstance.

Of course, my parents are like, “Make sure you check in! Every day!” Don’t get me wrong, I have no illusions about how dangerous solo travel can be. If you want to understand the horrors of not checking in, there’s always the movie 127 Hours. But at the same time, isn’t part of the point exactly that? To get away? To spend time disconnected for a while?

After a year now in the countryside, I finally returned to the city to help out with the local Fringe Festival. Suddenly the noise feels overwhelming, chaotic, like people are actually trying to annoy one another to madness. I understand, now, why the yogis retreat to the mountains. Distance allows for deep thoughts. Teachers have often told me that distant drishtis are the most effective.

There’s not really a whole lot of drishtis you can set farther than the Moon.

Like the city, I find a lot of pop music, particularly in the electronic side, to be embracing that sense of chaos. Everything has to be loud, neon; if it doesn’t arrest your attention, it’s not “good.” That’s why I like when something quieter comes along…no, not “quieter,” just more “focused.” Something that doesn’t impose, but speaks its peace without the need for pageantry. And when it goes, it goes without pomp and flair. Slow Magic‘s “Moon” is like that.

The flickering synth isn’t enough to distract, but instead provides a nice underscore for a flowing asana practice. It’s a tad too upbeat for yin, but I find the clap-driven rhythm to be just perfect for a cool vinyasa or ashtanga practice—just in time for summer.

So set your gaze and have at, be it an afternoon practice or a summer adventure!

Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr