Music Monday: Quiet Strength

Blue in HK

It’s really noisy out there.

This week has been really noisy. Even as I type this, I have six other tabs open, the phone won’t stop beeping from this or that notification, and yet, I keep looking out the window. As if the world wasn’t feeding me enough information. At some point, it’s like you have so much food that you want to stop eating and just roll your face in it.

Probably shouldn’t do that. It’s impolite.

So instead, here’s a quiet tune I discovered recently.

It’s only a little over three minutes, so take the time and play it twice. You’ll thank yourself later. That’s really my only quip with it. I wish I could have this for an hour. But, sooner or later, it’s back to the notifications, the noise, the buzzing from the phone…and, yes, the window. Hey, the song’s always there for another listen when we need it.

So I think I’ll give it another go.


Photo: Ciro Cattuto/Flickr


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