Music Monday: Spacedrum


Some waves for your Monday

One of the reasons I enjoy travel is because I find my illusion that I’ve figured out the world constantly re-shattered. This is, without a doubt, a good thing, because the more you have that feeling, the more open one might be to new experiences—it’s easier to accept something as a new experience when first we admit that there are such things that currently exist outside of our perception, yes?

This is music from a steel drum, which some are (according to my research) mistakingly calling a Hang drum from France. Either way, it’s gorgeous. Give it a listen.

The only thing more astonishing than the existence of the instrument is the talent of its wielder, Yuki Koshimoto. She has a number of videos on Youtube. It’s hard to choose one to feature, so…check them all out! Make a playlist! I’m eager to see what this kind of instrument might inspire in others.

Some of her music sounds tempestuous, some very relaxing; the steel drum does have a very Caribbean feel to it, hence the association with waves, but then again, her melodies are of a very different nature, which removes the pre-conceived bias my brain wants to make. The result is gorgeous and unpredictable, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One love!


Photo: Kevin N. Murphy/Flickr