Music Monday: Ghostwriter

typewriter of capricorn

We’re going back a bit for this one.

Mercury is in retrograde!

As a really short intro to Mercury Retrograde, think of the Earth and Mercury like two cars on the highway. The Earth passes Mercury, and if you were to look out your window, it would look like Mercury was going backwards, even though both cars were traveling in the same direction.

No, it’s not a perfect analogy, but you get the drift; Mercury looks like it’s moving backwards, and during this time, all kinds of things governed by Mercury can go awry. Mercury governs, among other things, communication, transportation, and new beginnings. So for the next few weeks, don’t sign anything, start new commitments, or go outside on any big trips.

What Mercury retrograde is a good time for is reflection and revision. So I’m taking us back to when I was just a wee yogi, doing my first downward dogs, and the music I was listening to then.

RJD2 has been on my go-to playlist for I don’t know how long; maybe back when before I was even doing asana regularly. His funky beats are what finally convinced me that, okay, I might like some hip hop (opening me up to a world of music I never knew existed, or that I might therein enjoy). Even now, if I get bored of the stuff I listen to regularly, RJD2 is one of my regular seed artists for Pandora and similar music finding sites.

I find the head-nod instrumental rhythm of fellow Ohio native RJD2’s music to be great for getting “stuff” done, whether it’s asana or omelets. The opening guitar line of “Ghostwriter” is by now an old friend, and because of its familiar intro, I can’t help but put it on the front of most of my “work” playlists. Of course, I’ve made several since then, and had to blow off the dust to find this beauty again, but like many things of the sort, I still smile when I hear it.

And I hope you will, too.

Mercury retrograde is a great time to go through your old playlist, too! Do you have any old favorites from your early playlists?


Photo: emdot/Flickr