Music Monday: All Night


Get up and dance!


Once, a wise man told me that it’s physically impossible for one to be angry whilst standing on their head without training the body to be able to do so. This was the introduction to a class that dealt with the ties between the body and emotion. As behavioral science expands, deepens, and improves, we’re making farther and farther strides that examine the links between how we hold ourselves and the emotions that come with those patterns. Amy Cuddy did a popular TED Talk that explores posture and mood that you should check out if you haven’t, already.

It’s really easy to write off emotions as these cloudy entities in our psyche that come and occasionally possess us, like rogue spirits or demons, right? That’s how depression feels, for those who’ve suffered it—but also seething rage, smoldering lust—these things can make us feel like we risk losing control. While that may be the case for some people in truly extreme and extraordinary circumstances, when it comes to dealing with the darker emotions like sadness or depression, it can feel incredibly easy to fall into a rut.

I’ve been dealing with depression a bit, lately. I realize now that part of it was because I wasn’t moving. It took getting thrown into a performing arts show and moving with other artists again to make me realize just how much of my happiness is tied to movement.

I’m bringing Music Monday back.

For at least the first little bit, we’re going to bring in this summer with some upbeat tunes. I just discovered this new genre of music, and I want to share it with you.

It’s called Electro Swing.

After hearing Parov Stelar the first time, I couldn’t remain sitting. Something about the beat is just right for dancing. Even writing this, I’ve got foot-tap syndrome going on something fierce, and I’m at serious risk for not completing this entry.

I’m not sure if there’s any science behind this, but my running theory is that like standing on one’s own head, it’s physically impossible to be sad while you’re dancing. If my body’s response to this kind of music is any indication, I won’t wait for the science to catch up. I’m ready to be happy again.

So what are you waiting for?

Get up and dance!


Photo: Dino ahmad ali/Flickr (Creative Commons)